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Goodbye Android Users: What Happened to WhatsApp GB?

WhatsApp is a popular messaging application that recently saw a major upgrade called WhatsApp GB. The update was intended to bring exciting new features for all users, but it unfortunately turned out to be nothing but bad news for Android users. Keep reading to learn what happened to WhatsApp GB for Android devices and how it impacted users.

What is WhatsApp GB?


GB WhatsApp is an updated version of the popular messaging app, boasting a series of upgrades designed to improve the user experience. It was released globally in early 2020 and was meant to be an exciting development for all users of the platform. According to the official website, “WhatsApp GB provides you with more control over your conversations, a better way to manage media, improved privacy settings and much more.”

What Went Wrong?

Unfortunately, not long after its launch, complaints began pouring in from Android users who were unable to access the new features of the update. It quickly became apparent that something was wrong with the update and that it had caused serious technical issues on some devices. After further investigation, it was determined that there were compatibility issues when using certain versions of Android operating systems such as Nougat and Lollipop which prevented users from accessing the new features. As such, many users were left without access or severely limited access due to these incompatibility concerns.

How Did WhatsApp Respond?

In response to the widespread issues reported by its customers, WhatsApp took swift action and announced that it would be releasing a fix within two weeks of receiving knowledge about the problem. They also recommended that any user experiencing difficulty should temporarily uninstall their current version in order to allow them time for updating and reinstalling once again in order for everything to run smoothly once again. However, this was not enough for some people as they had already lost data due to this problem which could not be recovered if they uninstalled their apps.

What happened with Whatsapp GB on Android devices?

There were compatibility issues between certain versions of android operating systems like Nougat and Lollipop which prevented users from accessing all new features included in the Whatsapp Gb update.

What did Whatsapp do about this issue?

WhatsApp released a fix within two weeks of becoming aware of this issue and also recommended all affected users uninstall their current version so they could update it again when possible in order ensure everything runs smoothly once again.

I’ve already lost data because of this issue what can I do?

Unfortunately there’s no way you can recover data lost if you uninstall your current version however if you wait until a fix is released then hopefully you will be able retrieve your previous data back again without having any trouble with compatibility issues or other similar problems going forward.


The release of Whatsapp GB initially brought excitement amongst its user base but quickly ended up being bad news for those using Android devices due to compatibility issues preventing them from having full use of all its functions and features as promised. Thankfully, Whatsapp reacted quickly by providing a solution within two weeks and offering advice on how best navigate these problems though sadly there still remains no solution available at present for those who have already experienced data loss due to this problem before then. Hopefully in time more solutions will become available so everyone can get back enjoying Whatsapp GB as soon as possible.