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Things To Consider Before Choosing A Trolling Motor

Do you want to do fishing on the boat? If yes, then you can do it in a perfect way if you have the trolling motor installed on your boat. You need to stay as quiet as possible when you are fishing so that you don’t warn the fish of the danger they will face. Whenever you sail your boat into a river or sea, then water will make noises which make it difficult for you to catch the fish. Fish are able to read vibrations of danger which are caused inside the water and that’s why you need to get a trolling motor which can control the vibration of the boat by keeping it stable at a place.
Finding the best quality of trolling motor can be a great challenge as you need experience or knowledge for it. If you search the best trolling motor online, their top 10 picks help you get the best one which will fit your boat type and size properly. There are some people who will advise you to get the large motor but you shouldn’t believe anyone just like that. It is important for you to do a lot of research. So how to choose a trolling motor without making any mistake? The best way to do it is by checking the following features in the boat:

Things to consider before choosing a trolling motor

• Thrust Of Boat

• Bow Vs. Transom Motor

The bow motor can be mounted on boat’s front area and transom motor is installed on stern part of your boat. Both of these motors have its demerits and merits but the most important thing is that bow-mounted boat will provide better maneuverability and can be used in larger boats. The transom motors are perfect for kayaks and small boats and provide lesser control.

• Voltage

If you will get the motor with a higher voltage, then it will provide more power to the motor. Your boat size plays a major role in choosing the particular voltage of the motor. If you don’t do fishing for a long time, then you will need a motor with 24V system only and if you only do fishing during weekends, then 12V motor will be enough for you. The endurance and performance of the motor are measured in Voltage and you can get the one which you need as per your fishing hobby.

• Shaft Length

One should get confirmed about the shaft length even before buying the motor and longboat would need longer shaft and if you have smaller sized boat, then it will need short shaft. If you will select the right size of shaft motor, then it would be really easy for you to operate the boat.

• New Technology

New Technology

Now you can get impressive results by using the trolling motors with powerful and efficient designs. Whenever you are planning to get a trolling motor, you can get the one with advanced technology if you are ready to spend a good amount of money. These advanced motors would last for a longer time and there are no chances that one will regret its purchase.

• Control Direction

The trolling motor comes with three kinds of control methods which are hand, pedal and remote controllable motors. Most of the people prefer foot control because it allows them to make their hand free to do other tasks on the boat deck. The bad thing about the foot control is that it is a little bit expensive and can take a lot of space on the deck. It also has slower response time and hand controls are mainly designed to work from boat’s bow. It would need your hand but it is a cheap option and easy to install. The remote trolling motors are advanced systems which are perfect to use in the rough waters.

Additional Features You Can Get In Trolling Motor

There are some more features which you can look for in the trolling motor. If you have a doubt about how to choose a trolling motor, then these extra features will help you to clear all of your doubts. The technology is advancing in this field and that’s why you should check if you can get the trolling motor with built-in battery gauge. It will help you to check how much power is left in the battery and this would help you to work efficiently in the water. There are some motors which are available with digitalized displays and have high-end models which come with digital screens on which you can read depth and speed of it. These motors are available at high prices but definitely come with advanced technology which is useful. If you want to get rid of foot or hand operating motor, then you can get the self directional motors which are the best option for the people who want to focus on their fishing only.