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Get The Most Challenging Experience And Know How To Live In The Woods

Travelling is one of the best ways to live a significant life filled with adventures and experiences from all over the world. It gives you the mental peace and motivation that you need in life to stay optimistic. Traveling solo is a challenging and probably the best life changing experience anyone can gain. Traveling solo to any travel destination has various impacts on the personal and professional aspect of anyone’s life. Similarly traveling into the woods is as exciting as any solo trip as once you get over the fact that the challenges you have overcome all the way to survive into the woods, you get all the right reasons to stay in the woods a little more. As challenging as it may seem, it is even more exciting and worthy too. The major impacts that will urge anyone to take a trip into the woods are as follows:

  • It gives a sense of independence and empowerment. It represents freedom and the entire perspective of individual changes for their own good.
  • It boosts for the confidence as it takes courage to travel all alone and deal with all the things that come along
  • An opportunity to discover oneself as it makes you take decisions and that in turn imparts a direction to your trip and other challenges that come over
  • Helps you to make new connections and friends out of your comfort zone. A chance to know people makes the journey exciting and meaningful. It also helps you to learn and enjoy various cultures and social settings
  • With the hectic schedule of work and business, a trip into the woods gives you freedom from the frustrated work life and schedule and lets you enjoy with oneself.
  • The various challenges that you have to face for your survival in the woods make you creative and confident with the kind of choices you make

how to live in the woods

Living in the woods: Plan it through

In the course of becoming successful sometimes we leave behind the quality and peaceful life that everyone deserves. Ravelling gives meaning to life and the hunger for a travel enthusiast to overcome new challenges with new trip makes you forget and gives you a break from the tensed and hectic professional life. To escape the rush of being ahead in the workplace and improve our lives can be escaped by taking a short break and take the step of living in the woods away from technology and the world. But to meet the challenges you need to be prepared with some extra efforts. Some of the points to keep in mind when planning to live in the woods are as follows:

  • Thorough preparation. A sudden decision to run away from a fast-growing life and slipping into the woods needs preparation as you will be homeless and you need shelter to stay in the woods.
  • Living in the woods is dangerous, scary and nerve wrecking. Therefore a smart and efficient preparation would save you from all the unfortunate moments in the trip so that you do not regret your decision of staying in the woods.
  • You should plan an escape route. When you are living in a populated and developed area then you need to make extra efforts for your survival in the wilds as no technical flexibility will be present.
  • Pack smartly by taking things that you will definitely need in the woods like a knife for cutting rope and food, matches, ready to eat meals, wires, extra clothes, personal hygiene supplies, a strong and extra pair of footwear, first aid kits. Basic medications, map, and No need to pack with hard work but smart work.
  • The top priority should be finding a suitable shelter. A sleeping bag is an ideal commodity from survival. Anything but not sleeping on the ground is fine because the wild and weather cannot be trusted. A foldable tent or plastic and waterproof shelter make the trip a lot easier. There are various types of shelter that can be created in the wild like in a snowy place igloo is the shelter that can be built easily.
  • Practice all the things and hacks that will be required for the survival such as learning to light fire from anything which is flammable and could lead to fire generation as it will keep you warm and it also saves you from the wild animals and pest.
  • Manage to find a water supply and maintain it. Water is the most important thing that you will need when living in the wild. So filtered water supply is the foremost priority in your list of essentials.

As exciting as it seems and as tempting it may look, you need to be well aware of the situation that might come across. Trust your instincts and go ahead with your decision of the living in the woods and change all the perspective of lives and come back a totally different persona and a storyteller.