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How to Replace Home Main Door Lock if You Lost the Key

It becomes really hard for us when the main door key is being lost. Breaking the door is always an option. But if you want to do this job without any violence, then there are only 2 options left. The first option is to call a locksmith and leave the rest on him. And the second option is to do the job on your own. If you want to remove your lost key lock from the door then you can do it by using some tools and by following the given methods.

Tools like a screwdriver, drill machine, metal wire, and paper clips are a must. Gather these tools before you start work. If you want to replace the old lock with a new one then gather it too. Now there may be two kinds of situations. The opening and replacing the old lock depends on whether you are standing out of the door or inside the room. Here both of these cases are discussed, check my reference below.

How to Replace the Lock from the Interior Part of the Door?

How to Replace the Lock from the Interior Part of the Door

If somehow you managed to enter the room with the main door, it will be easy for you to replace the lock. Keep the tools near your hand. And follow the given instructions properly.

  1. Once you get in, you can open the door. So open it. The portion that connects the door, the latch plate, find it out.
  2. Find out the latch plate is attached to the door or removal. If removed then with a screwdriver, unscrew the latch plate from the door.
  3. Now, the job is to separate the lock from two halves. First, unscrew the set screw, attached to the door. This screw is connecting and holding these two parts of the lock. Now pull the interior and exterior part at a time and make these separated.
  4. There must be a small pinhole in the lock. The trims here, are attaching the handle to the door. Insert the paper clip into the pinhole and apply pressure to disconnect the lock parts from the door.
  5. As it is separated, you can replace the new lock with it.

How to Replace the Lock from the Exterior Part of the Door?

How to Replace the Lock from the Exterior Part of the Door

What if there is no way to enter the interior part of the room? Then, you have to find ways to go in. Here are some ways by which you can enter the room easily by doing minimum damage and less work. You can enter the room by-

● Applying a hammer on the lock cylinder. Take a sharp screwdriver or chisel, and try to break through your lock cylinder.

● Use a drill machine to put holes and cut the lock cylinder from outside.

● Take a sharp edge thin screwdriver and put it into the keyhole. Then by applying force and pressure simultaneously, you cut the two halves of the lock.

These will be the best way to remove the old locks. Then set the new lock with the same but reversed the process. You can make it with a minimum budget.