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How To Keep Bedbugs Away With Dryer Sheets

Bed bugs

Our home care needs are many, and keeping that in the head, people generally try out a lot of measures to fight with mosquitoes, bugs, and other insects that are our uninvited neighbors. So have you been sleeping peacefully and suddenly you experience an itch on your back or neck? By morning time, these will … Read more

Suitable Children’s Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment

In current time we can see the craze of gyming/ workout in the youngsters and adults, they are so much particular about their fitness and health and physique. And even they do not want to compromise in all this whatever be the situation is. When small kids see that elders are doing exercise with the … Read more

Stanley Cup Finals 2021 Live Stream: Understanding the Game Format

May 27, 2021
Stanley Cup Finals 2021 Live Stream

The National Hockey League once again returned this year with the exciting games. Last year Tampa Bay had an amazing season as they won the Stanley Cup Finals. But who will grab the trophy this year? Well, no one can tell that for sure. But we do know how the final games will be played.

Due to the pandemic, a lot of changes have been made to the tournament. Whether you're a new fan of ice hockey or forgot what's the format of the finals, this article will help you. Here, we'll talk about the format of the finals in detail.

Stanley Cup Finals Game Format

Stanley Cup Finals Game Format

After a long tournament, 2 teams out of 16 will compete in the finals for the Stanley Cup. The tournament is one of the USA's major sports events. This year the finals will be in July. You can watch the Stanley Cup Finals 2021 live stream from anywhere you like.

However, the finals of this year's NHL will be played in a Best of Seven Series match. This means a total of 7 matches will be scheduled. And after that, we will get our Champion.

The format of the finals is 2-2-1-1-1. Well, it may seem confusing to many, but understanding the number is easy. The first two games will be on the home venue of the team with home-ice advantage. The fifth and seventh games will also be at the same venue if necessary.

Nonetheless, the second two games will be played at the home venue of the other team. Also, the sixth game if necessary. Now many of you, if not familiar with the best of seven series format, might ask why we're saying it if necessary.

Well, the main purpose of the series is to find a winner. And to win, a team needs to win at least four games as the total number of games is seven. So, if a team wins four games without playing the last few, there's no point in continuing. That's because the games will be of no value as we have already found the Champion.

So, after the first four games, it may not be necessary to play any more matches. As soon as a team wins four matches, the finals will stop. The most competitive finals will be the one where playing all seven games will be necessary.

What if a Match Gets Tie?

It's a quite common question and has answers too. In the beginning, NHA(National Hockey Association, presently known as NHL) allowed draws. But now, it's not allowed, and there must be a winner of each game.

The team with the most goals after the end of the time will be declared the winner. But if the score is the same, then the game will continue. If you've seen regular-season games, you know that the additional time is only five minutes, and after that, a shootout takes place. But that's not the case in the finals.

During the finals, if the game is tied, twenty minutes five on five sudden-death matches will start. It means whichever team scores first will win the game. Previously in the play-off, only two matches required six extra time periods. None did past more than six.

Such matches are really exciting. Catch all the actions of ice hockey in the Stanley Cup Finals 2021 live stream.

Final Words

So, that was all about the format of the finals games in the NHL. In short, it will be a best of seven series match in 2-2-1-1-1 format. In case a match gets tied, additional time will be given for a sudden-death match. We hope you enjoy this year's Stanley Cup Finals.

Narc that Car Business Opportunity Review

May 20, 2021
Narc that Car Business Opportunity Review

Is Narc that Car a Scam?

A family friend invited me to take a look at a Web site and listen in on a conference call for a business opportunity that I had never heard of called Narc That Car. I agreed to review the Web site and listen to the call with an open mind. This is my review based on the information as it was presented to me.

NARC Technologies is a company that was started two years ago in Dallas, Texas. The objective of the company is to provide a national database of information which can be accessed for a fee by lien holders. The information is gathered by Independent Representatives or Information Consultants. These consultants collect ten license plate numbers per month and simply enter them into the NARC Technologies database.

Additionally, the Information Consultants earn bonuses by sharing the opportunity with others interested in supplementing their income. Along with recruiting new Independent Representatives, Consultants also make money by enrolling new clients (lien holders) into the program.

Based on the compensation numbers, this is not a get rich quick scheme. The compensation is modest but with volume the potential for accumulating wealth gradually appears to be great. The compensation plan has a "Start Up Bonus" with clear cut steps for getting an immediate return on the investment for becoming a Consultant. The cost to become a consultant is extremely low compared to other business opportunities. The cost is a mere $100. The "Start Up Bonus" compensation pays up to $125.

Car Business

The Pros of Narc That Car:

1. Affordable Sign Up Cost.

2. Does not require high pressure selling.

3. There is no purchasing or stocking products.

4. There are no home parties or weekly meetings.

5. They are no unrealistic promises of riches or exaggerated compensation plans.

The Cons of Narc That Car:

The Cons of Narc That Car

1. The company has only been around for 2 years so there is no track record of long term success.

2. Because the company is still so new there isn't an enormous amount of information about it around.

3. The simplicity of the opportunity raises skepticism.

4. Most people have never heard of it.

5. Low cost programs are often over looked or devalued.
Of the many business opportunities out there this one has the least amount of hype and get rich jargon. While there is no tangible product to speak of the company does provide a service to niche market. I could not find any complaints filed against the company. Nor could I find any disgruntled former Consultants. Perhaps, its still too new to tell. Which could mean this is a ground floor opportunity for anyone willing to risk $100.

Natural Care for Wood Furniture

May 16, 2021
Natural Care for Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is welcome in many homes. For many people wood furniture is what they want to have. Wood is warmer then plastic and more desirable since it has a beauty all its own. Antique furniture is often wood and should be cared for diligently to keep its natural beauty. There are several commercial polishes and cleaners on the market today that help to keep wood looking it's best. If you don't particularly like the chemicals in store bought furniture products here are some ideas that you may want to try to keep your wood furniture looking its very best.

Wood Furniture

Wood furniture loves moisture. It does not benefit from water in fact water can damage wood furniture. Water is not the best way to clean wood furniture but at times you may have to resort to using water to clean depending on the dirt that is on the wood furniture. If you find that you have to clean your wood furniture with some water follow the water cleanup with some oil polish of some kind to retreat the wood.

Beeswax is one of the best furniture polishes you can use to polish wood furniture. Beeswax gives furniture a wonderful shine and helps develop an antique patina to the wood. You can make a furniture polish of beeswax and turpentine to polish your furniture. First melt down an ounce of beeswax. After the beeswax has melted remove the melted beeswax from the stove and put one cup of turpentine into the beeswax and mix them together. Be careful to keep the turpentine away from flames since it is highly combustible. If you want to substitute olive oil for the turpentine you can do that too. Use this furniture polish on your wood furniture and wood floors. This polish can be slippery on floors so use it with caution.

It you want to brighten unpolished wood furniture you can wipe cold tea on the wood. The tea brings out the grain of the wood and it will slightly darken the wood.

Lemon oil is also a good wood polish. You can buy lemon oil in a hardware store. It is easy to use and the lemon oil has a fresh clean scent. Just pour a small amount of the lemon oil on a clean cotton cloth and rub it on the wood furniture. Lemon oil brings out the natural beauty to your furniture and protects the wood.

NBA Finals 2021 Live Stream: How to Watch Without Cable

May 5, 2021
NBA Finals 2021 Live Stream

In this modern age, we all want to get rid of cables. Though in the past you had to get a cable connection for watching television channels, that's not required now. The NBA Finals 2021 live stream is also available without cable.

In this article, we'll discuss the official broadcaster of the NBA in the US. Then find a way to enjoy the exciting basketball league without cables.

Which Channels Will Cover NBA Finals 2021 Live Stream

Which Channels Will Cover NBA Finals 2021 Live Stream

First, it's important to know what channels will telecast the NBA Finals 2021 live stream. The goal is to watch those channels online. That's because you won't find the live coverage anywhere else. The following channels will cover the upcoming NBA Finals:

  • ESPN
  • ABC
  • TNT

Both ESPN and ESPN2 will cover the play-off rounds of NBA 2021. It's a sports-centric satellite channel with running operations all over the world. Besides the US, ESPN will telecast the NBA finals in a few other countries too.

The NBA Finals 2021 will exclusively be streamed on ABC. The finals will start on the 8th of July and continue no more than till the 22nd of July. TNT is also a great channel to watch the exciting league.

Keep one thing in mind, if you want to enjoy both the play-off and finals, you need to subscribe to all the channels. That's because only one channel won't cover all the games.

How to Watch the NBA Finals Without Cable

How to Watch the NBA Finals Without Cable

Now the obvious question is how you can watch these television channels without the cable. Sooner or later, everyone will drop cables. Therefore, a lot of ways to watch the channels are already available in the market.

The best way to watch the NBA Finals 2021 live stream is through online streaming services. Many streaming platforms are offering a great deal to their customers. You can select any of the subscriptions that suit your needs.

Hulu TV, Sling TV, FuboTV, are some of the most popular online TV streaming services. To get access to these services, you need to purchase a subscription plan. Besides the three channels above, you'll have access to more channels based on your package.

One of the best advantages of online streaming is that you can watch the game from anywhere you want. Whether you're in the workplace, or on vacation, you don't have to miss the action of the NBA Finals.

Things to Consider Before Subscribing to a Streaming Service for the NBA Finals

However, the subscription plans come quite expensive. Therefore rushing to purchase any subscription might not be a good idea. Therefore, we've got a few tips for you. Follow these to find the best streaming platform to watch the NBA Finals 2021.

  • The first thing you should check is if all three of the channels are available in the subscription plan. We told you, you can not rely on a single channel to watch the whole tournament.
  • After that, compare the subscription fees of these platforms. For the finals, you'll need one month of subscription. If you also want to watch the play-off, then purchase two months of services.
  • Another important thing is to see if the streaming platform offers mobile apps. This will allow you to stream the NBA finals on your smartphone.
  • These platforms advertise themselves as superior to others. But not all of them keep the promises. Hence, try to get one that offers a free trial to check the service quality.

Considering these things should be enough to choose the best streaming platform.

Final Thoughts

In short, a total of three channels will cover the NBA Finals 2021 live stream. Subscribe to a streaming platform to watch these channels without cable. And then, no matter where you are, never miss the thrill of the NBA.

How to Choose a Nail Gun?

April 27, 2021
How to Choose a Nail Gun

A nail gun is undoubtedly a good handy item to push the metal nails in the hard surfaces of plastic, fiber, wood, and other such materials. But when you are choosing a nail gun, you need a careful selection. If you select a gun for Hardie siding, then the best performance must choose the Best Nail Gun for Hardie Siding.

But how can you pick the best one? No worry, read the below content and know what is important to consider while looking for the best nail gun for Hardie siding.

What to consider while choosing a nail gun?

What to consider while choosing a nail gun

Before choosing a nail gun, you should consider the below things to ensure a good quality nail gun.

Consider Power source

When going to purchase a nail gun, keep in mind what your preference is regarding power sources. You may find different types of nail guns depending on the power source.

There are three major types of guns, pneumatic that run on the air compressor; the second one is a Cordless gun that runs with a battery power source, and the last one is an electric nail that needs an electric connection to a power source.

Depending on your convenient and available power source, choose the right nail gun for better performance.

Style of Gun Magazine

There are two major types of magazines available for nail guns. You will find straight and coil magazines.

Coil magazines are available with ample space, and you can load more staples at a time that makes it easier and suitable for professional projects. But the straight magazines are lightweight and are easier to load, and ideal for DIY projects.

Depth control feature

If you need to look for the best nail gun for your professional projects and harder surfaces, then try to get the particular nail gun model that offers extensive force when pushing the staple and makes it possible to insert the staple in depth.  

If you do not get such a nail gun, you will need a separate tool that is also an additional cost to push the nails in depth.

Best Nail Gun For Hardie Siding

Types of triggers

Triggers are pressed to push the metal nails on the surface; in some guns, you need to press two triggers, and in some others, only one trigger needs to press. There are two major types of triggers.

The first one is a contact trigger that makes it simple to insert the nail because when it touches wood, it will fire. Such guns are risky, and you need much care.

Second is sequential nail guns that are safer; you need to depress the tip against the surface to push the metal nail in the wood or other surface. Sequential is safe and perfect to work than the contact trigger nail guns.

Easy Jamming clearing mechanism

No matter how good quality a brand you have, it frequently happens that nails are jammed in the chamber. So, find an easy jammed nail removal nail gun.

Final Thoughts

Nail guns are useful handy tools that help us to insert metal nails into harder surfaces. But no matter whatever project you are doing, you need a good quality nail gun to make your job perfectly.

Us Open Golf Live Stream: How to Watch from Canada

April 16, 2021
Us Open Golf Live Stream

Canada has many golf fans. And if you're reading this article, you're one of them too, we guess. Whether a citizen of Canada or travelling there during the US Open golf week, there's no reason to miss the event. Therefore, in this article, we'll tell you how you can watch the US Open Golf live stream from Canada.

How to Watch US Open Golf Live Stream from Canada

How to Watch US Open Golf Live Stream from Canada

The official broadcaster of US Open Golf 2021 in Canada is TSN. The full form of TSN is 'The Sports Network.' It's one of the most popular sports channels in Canada. You can enjoy a lot of sports events on TSN, including the US Open this year.

The 121st edition of the US Open will be telecasted from 17th June on TSN. The event will be live from Torrey Pines, San Diego. You can get access to TSN with any streaming devices you have.

Many Canadian golfers also take part in the US Open. This year it will be no different. After the qualifying round, it is expected that multiple Canadian golfers will be selected for the main round. So, you obviously would like to support them through the TV if not possible from the ground.

Hence, thanks to TSN for telecasting this historic golf championship event live. Whether at home or outside, you can enjoy the whole tournament on your streaming devices.

How to Get Access to TSN to watch US Open Golf in Canada

You have multiple ways to watch the biggest sports network channel in Canada. You can watch it on your TV or their official website. Also, you can download their mobile app. All the methods are explained below in detail.

Cable Network

If you have a subscription to any cable network on your TV, you're likely to have TSN already. Check the list; if you find it, all you have to do now is wait till the event starts. But if you don't, then contact your service provider to request the channel. Popular cable networks, including Bell, Shaw, MTS, EastLink, and many more, offer TSN to their customers.

Watch TSN Online

However, if you prefer to watch TSN online, you can do that too. If your cable network includes the TSN channel, then you don't need to pay extra money. Simply go to TSN's official site, click on 'live' and sign in with the credential of your cable network. If you don't know the credential, contact the operator for the information.

However, if you don't have a cable network, you can subscribe to the TSN plan. Recently they have launched a TSN direct service for sports fans. The monthly plan starts at $19.99 only. This plan is enough for watching the US Open golf live stream. But if you want to enjoy more sports events, you should go for the 6-month plan, which only costs $99.95.

TSN Mobile App

TSN also offers a mobile app for its subscribers. You can download the TSN app from the play store or apple store. If you already have a subscription to their services, then just log in and enjoy. Or if you haven't, then sign up with a plan. The fees are discussed above.

Whether you're in the office or doing work outside, you don't have to miss a single moment of the US Open. With a stable internet connection, it's just one click away.

Final Words

The US Open Golf live stream will start on TSN at the same time as the USA. So, sit tight on 17th June for the thrill. Many of you may be having a boring time at home due to the current situation outside. We hope you get some freshness watching the championship event. Follow the above instructions, and you should be able to watch US Open without any hassle.

How to Paint Moldings: Freshen Up Your Home with a New Color

April 2, 2021
How to Paint Moldings

Moldings act as a picture frame for any room. They can lay a border between walls and floors, emphasize high ceilings or just make a room pop. Painting them can be an important way to give a fresh new look to a room. Here's your step by step guide.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Prepare, prepare, prepare

The first step in painting anything is preparing, and if you do this step right, the rest will be easy as pie. First off, you'll need masking tape. Carefully tape off your moldings. Keep in mind that tape doesn't naturally like to stick to either carpeting or textured sheetrock walls, so you'll need to go over the tape to make it stick (a putty knife is a great way to make sure you're covered). Next, you'll probably want dropcloths across the floor to protect them from any drips.

You want to take some very fine sandpaper to your moldings if they're already painted. This takes off the shine of the previous paint to allow for better paint adhesion. Just cover the surface lightly until you don't see a glossy shine anymore.

Now take a wet rag and wipe down your moldings.

After you've done all these steps, you can begin with the priming stage.

Prime away

Priming is important on moldings because you want an extra-durable, solid finish. Brush on primer with a synthetic brush, and allow to dry for several hours before going back to paint. Make sure that you increase circulation in the room to make for safe breathing and for quick drying of the paint.

Paint Moldings

Spread it on

Now it's time for the paint. A word on color: While it's tempting to pick a wild color for some color junkies, it's usually recommended to stick with white or another neutral color on the trim and paint the walls a bright color for a more classic look. That said, have fun with the color you pick and how it interacts with the wall color.

Pick a paint that's high-gloss finish, because that's the most durable finish and moldings tend to get bumped quite frequently in everyday use.

Most moldings have curves and grooves, if they're decorative. This means that a first coat should be done with a synthetic brush and you should focus on the grooves, not worrying about painting the flat, flush surfaces that you can get with a roller later. Just focus on the grooves for now.

After your first coat has dried into the grooves on your molding, take a small foam roller (they're very inexpensive at the hardware store) and roll the paint over the top of the moldings. You may need to do two coats, but rolling will give your paint a smooth, professional finish that you wouldn't be able to get with a brush.

Trim and doors

You'll notice as you start a project like this that you often find the molding blending into the trim and doors in a room. It's best if those finishes all match. So when you're ready, go through the same process with doors and trim around those doors to complete the look.

Un-prep and enjoy!

About an hour after you're done painting, peel the masking tape off and pick up your dropcloths. Continue to increase air circulation in the room for 1 to 2 days to ensure full drying and then enjoy your fresh new moldings!

Change Management Software

April 1, 2021
Change Management Software

In the fast paced world of business, having complete change process control has never been more important. As innovation within companies and organizations have to be done quickly and efficiency, there is little time for the run around and long meetings in the office. CME's system presents the perfect solution to this problem, enabling employees to discuss and decide what changes should occur and when through the Internet. This saves the company resources and added overhead, as each employee would be capable of getting more work done on a daily basis.

Management Software

Much like customer support software, change control applications use a specialized ticket tracking system to allow employees to better manage the list of changes that need to be researched and performed for the business. A "ticket" in this system is created when an employee or manager goes through the change initiation phase of the process. This phase requires that the owner of the change fill out a form with information directly related to the change. This includes a time frame, description, as well as what group is allowed to work on the change. Once this is finished, a notification is sent to all of the members of that group so they can begin the approval stage. This stage requires that the members discuss and decide on the specifications of the project and whether or not it should be implemented. If it passes this stage and a team is decided on to carry the project out, it is passed to the implementation phase. This is the phase where the team working on the project carries it out. Once this is finished, it is passed to the confirmation phase, which is basically a quality insurance to make sure the change was fully completed.

In order to make sure of this change control application works with your company, there are several things you need to do. First, you have to make sure you have all of the proper equipment required to allow the software to function. All you need is a database and a web server that is running either Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 or 2003, Red Hat Linux 7.x, 8.0 or 9.0 or Solaris UNIX 2.x, 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0. With this many choices, you should be able to find a server that suits your needs. If not, CME offers a licensing type in addition to their normal three that allow you to rent servers on a monthly basis. If you're interested in learning more, or you wish to schedule a demonstration of the software, please follow the link below.

Savings Funds as Tool for Effective Budgeting

March 9, 2021
Savings Funds as Tool for Effective Budgeting

Once a personal or family budget has been setup and running, with basic elements of income and expenses understood along with financial goals identified, other factors that can support maintain an effective budget should also be considered. One of these factors is to setup saving plans.

Get Savings and Spending under Control

Get Savings and Spending under Control

A wise budgeter uses savings for a lot more than just a retirement nest egg. Proper savings are setup, including a free checking account, supporting the budget to be on track. It's all about saving and spending the proper way. Four types of savings or personal funds are identified:

Contingency or “Rainy Day” Fund

These are unexpected expenses that can happen when least expected. Some examples are medical expenses, water pipes or leaky roofs, car repairs, and few other contingencies around the home. It may also be emergency expenses from friends and relatives like loss of a loved one. What can be done is to set aside part of income in a special contingency fund to handle these urgent needs, discover more here.

Income Reserve Fund

For those whose income is irregular like writers and artists, this is recommended to carefully manage a visible savings (or investment) account to park funds during the high times of an income cycle. “Park” means to have funds that come in handy during financially dry times. These funds are managed and planned for the future. If possible, temptation should be avoided for unnecessary spending during the same week or month that the income is received.

For those who own small businesses, a practical way to save income is to keep it in the business. Money is drawn only when necessary.

Leisure or “Want” Fund

Everyone needs to unwind, to relax and to re-energize. It may be a holiday or vacation. The right way to buffer this need is to set up another account that is paid into each month. When the time comes for leisure, money is available. Otherwise, the usual recourse is to pull out the credit card, which inevitably incurs more future expenses and interest payments.

Obligation or “Must” Fund

These are savings designed to meet expenses that occur during the year, a one off payment such as property taxes and most types of insurance payments due once or twice a year, for example.

Savvy budgeters or savers try to plan ahead by setting aside an amount per month in their “must” fund. For the homeowner, this is a sort of like an impound account used by mortgagers to ensure property tax and homeowner’s insurance payments.

All these kinds of savings can be grouped or combined with the other accounts. They don’t necessarily have to be separated. What is important is to track and record what in the savings account is for a particular savings fund.

Savings as a financial tool is used to sustain a smooth annual budgeting cycle.

Construction Dictionary for Dummies

March 4, 2021
Construction Dictionary for Dummies

Start Date: the approximate date (usually three days prior to the day they actually show up) to expect your contractor to arrive on-site for a looksie... this visit must not be confused with the day the actual work will begin.

Tomorrow: 7 to 10 days

Three months: 8.5 - 10 months

Punch list: all the crap that was not done properly during construction that will now take 2 more weeks to fix

Construction Dictionary

Custom: ugly crap that costs entirely too much money

All day: 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with an hour lunch and four 15-minute breaks

On back-order: the part will arrive when hell freezes over or you threaten to fire your contractor for the third time.

$1,000: at least $1,500 but probably more like $3,000

Sanitation fee: the cost to place a porta-potty in your front yard or near your kitchen window

Next item on the list: that crap will not be happening, but you'll think it will realize this a year after your contractors are out of business

Recycled material: flimsy crap that will break/leak/fall apart as soon as the warranty runs out

Easy: not easy

Inexpensive: you may need to take out another loan

References: family members of contractors posing as previous clients

Available 24/7: your call will not be answered or returned before 10:00 a.m. or after 3:00 p.m. PERIOD.

Square: A term used in all construction to describe the correct relationship of material to achieve strength and aesthetic value.

The term describes specifically a 90 degree corner or connection, whether horizontal or vertical..such as a floor, wall or ceiling. In every form of construction you will need to have your corners square, be it a house for you or a dog house. Counter tops need to be square when placed on the cabinets or other stands. The only exception may be the outside of a geodesic dome or custom work. Arches, different roof designs or other custom work may not be square. Even an arch starts out as a square because of the need for appropriate load distribution, find more info.

Some methods of achieving square are using a rafter square, a smaller speed square or a T square. If none of these are available the 3-4-5 method is commonly used. To do this follow these directions.

At a point where both sides meet at 90 degrees measure down one side 3 feet and make a mark.

From the same point measure down the other side 4 feet and make a mark.

Now measure between the 2 marks and the length should be 5 feet. This assures that the corner is square.

To better understand the problems you will face if every phase of construction is not square, we will review the materials used in construction. From foundation, the blocks used all have 90 degree or square edges. Lumber is all supplied with 90 degree cuts and square edges. Sub flooring in 4x8 sheets has 90 degree or square corners and if used properly very little cutting and trimming will be necessary.

The aesthetic value of joints that are square and lines which are parallel is surpassed by requirements of load distribution which will insure integrity of the structure now and for any future work be it floor plan changes or simple upgrades, windows, doors, sheet rock, paneling, etc.

Being square is important. It is also only one part of good construction practice which includes being level and plumb...But they are another article. If you are planning to build without being square or parallel, it should be engineered, not just built.