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How to Choose a Perfect Inflatable Bounce House

When selecting a mini bounce house for your next event, there are many factors to consider. You should check the weight limit, size, safety netting, and accessories. Read on to learn about how to choose the right bounce house for your needs. Once you have all of these important aspects in mind, you are ready to choose a perfect bounce house for your event! And if you need more help, you can check our buying guides below.


There are many designs, shapes, and sizes of inflatable bounce houses. Most bounce houses are made in Asia or the United States, and can accommodate between four and eight children. The standard size is 13’x13′, but you can choose a larger or smaller model depending on your specific needs. If you’re looking to rent an inflatable bounce house for an event, you should know that most come in different sizes. Read on to find out more.

Weight limit

Weight limit

The weight limit on an inflatable bounce house is important to understand, and the number of people using it at once should be gauged accordingly. Then, estimate how much each of the occupants weighs. This weight limit should be at least seventy-five percent higher than the actual weight of the kids using it. That buffer provides a safe operating margin. Depending on the type of bounce house you are purchasing, it may be possible to overload the unit.

Safety netting

Inflatable bounce houses come with safety netting to keep users safe while they bounce. This protective mesh is made of rope-like or string-like materials that are soft to the touch and provides a sturdy barrier inside. Safety nets are built into every wall of bounce houses to provide extra safety, but can also be shaped as special shapes for children. When the nets are intact, they prevent bouncers from losing air, which could lead to a serious accident.


There are many options when it comes to choosing the accessories for an inflatable bounce house. You can purchase a trailer or van to transport your inflatable bounce house. If your inflatable is large, you may also want to invest in a handtruck. Commercial quality handtrucks are much easier to move and will help you transport your inflatable bounce house with ease. You can also get various types of toys for your bounce house, depending on your child’s preferences.

Size of jumping area

Size of jumping area

Among the most important considerations when choosing an inflatable bouncer is the size of the jumping area. Many bouncers vary greatly in size, but they all have the same basic requirements. When it comes to bounce floor size, the smaller inflatable bouncers are often six feet square or less. Most average bouncers have a floor area of seven to eight feet, while large jumpers are usually nine to nine feet square. The biggest kids bouncers are 11 feet square.