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Antique and Vintage Looking Pocket Watches

Unique and gorgeous pocket watches for keeping time in an original way

This article will show you some of the most gorgeous looking pocket watches that can be worn traditionally, secured to coat, lapel or belt, and meant to fit into your pocket. Unlike wrist watches, most of these vintage looking pocket watches can be closed, so their faces are protected at all times.

Generally, pocket watches were extremely popular since their development, presumably sometime in the 16th century and until well into the 20th century, when wist watches became the most popular type of watches. We all know that wrist watches are much more popular today, and mainly because of their practicality – I suppose that the life pace doesn’t allow us even the time to tell the time anymore!

Sometimes, though, we like to have something that is antique and vintage, and we prefer to have a pocket watch that looks really neat as an accessory. In fact, it’s all a matter of preference – most of us tell keep track of the time on the computer or phone. In fact, I adore wristwatches, but I still have a pocket watch as a necklace and I find it to be an unique jewelry piece not a lot of us have.

Pocket watches have that charm that was lost a long while ago, and it’s unusual to see someone use them. There’s just that little something about them that fascinates and captures attention, and in the following section of this article I will present you several pocket watches available for your enjoyment, see more.

Types of pocket watches

Types of pocket watches

We can already assume the major difference between various pocket watches.

Basically, all you need to know is that some of these pocket watches can be closed in order to be protected from damage that can be caused by dust or any kind of physical impact, and the other pocket watches are not as protected. The pocket watches that close are referred to as hunter pocket watches.

Some may prefer open-faced pocket watches in order to tell the time faster without having to open them, or they simply prefer their watches to look like watches, and not pendants. It’s a matter of preference, really.

Some closed pocket watches have incredible designs though, and it can be really hard to decide which one looks better than the other.

Selection of classic pocket watches

Take a look and leave a comment in the end – let us know which one was your favorite!

Though the following pocket watches from this list are generally intended for men, a woman who likes these should not care for that. These are classic pocket watches meant to be worn traditionally – secured to a coat or belt, but they can be worn as necklaces too.

What’s great about these pocket watches is that they are unique and vintage looking, and if creative enough, a person can combine these cleverly and originally to match any combination, adding a touch of elegance to their appearance.