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Benefits of Noolvl

Gaming is a fast-paced sport that requires quick reactions and the ability to think clearly. Adding noolvl to your supplement regimen can improve reaction time and reduce errors, giving you an edge over the competition.

Nutrition 21 developed this cognitive health ingredient to target the booming Esports market. It uses a patented process to bond arginine with silica and inositol, which supposedly boosts processing speed, focus and energy without stimulants.

Improved Focus

The patented ingredient is clinically shown to improve focus, concentration and memory without stimulants. This is important because it helps reduce the jitters and brain fog that often comes with caffeine-enhanced products. This allows users to optimize their day-to-day performance and get the most out of their workouts and activities.

Whether you need to stay laser-focused during a mid-day meeting, want to maximize your early evening workout or just want more energy in the morning, noolvl delivers. The non-stimulant ingredient works quickly and provides mental clarity without the caffeine crash or jitters.

Nutrition 21 recently added noolvl to its lineup of clinically-studied branded ingredients. The company’s new UNLOAD pre-workout includes the ingredient and claims to boost FOCUS, ENERGY and MEMORY. The formula also contains huperzine from Toothed Clubmoss, L-Theanine and Panax Ginseng. These ingredients are clinically proven to support the mind and body during intense training sessions. The product is aimed at the growing esports market and targets a younger demographic.

Increased Reaction Time

Gaming/esports players rely on quick reactions, focus, memory and fine motor skills to excel during competition. Designed and clinically studied for this unique population, noolvl works quickly (within 15 minutes), is non-stimulant and delivers increased energy1 and improved reaction time and accuracy.

The patented complex of bonded arginine silicate and silicon with an additional optimized dose of inositol has been shown to improve working memory, focus and reaction time in gamers. It also reduces errors in the Stroop Incongruent test, a measure of mental flexibility and stress resistance.

The latest neurobehavioral study published at Texas A&M University, found that the supplement containing noolvl significantly improved outcomes on tasks that are highly relevant to gaming such as concentration and short-term memory. It also enhanced visual processing speed and boosted esports performance on tests like Feature Match and Polygons. This new data supports the previous findings and adds to the evidence supporting noolvl as a versatile, non-stimulant ingredient for esports/gaming supplements in powder form, RTDs or gummies.

Increased Energy

Noolvl contains a patented complex of Bonded Arginine Silicate with an optimised dose of inositol which was designed and studied specifically for gamers. It has been shown to increase perceived energy levels (non-stimulant) in as little as 15 minutes and without negatively impacting heart rate or blood pressure. This makes it a superior choice over energy drinks that can cause more negative side effects. This increases speed and mental acuity, which translates to better gaming performance.