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How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard

If you are excited about the no shave November and thinking to nurture your beard then this article may be beneficial for you. Well, there may be a different factor which governs the growth of a beard, usually, it takes two to five months to get the full beard, and other factors affecting the growth of beard are your genetic factors, your lifestyle living patterns, and your hormonal growth.

Well, your friend’s timing may not match with your own, as already stated its growth depends on various factors, so you don’t need to compare or set their timing a benchmark. If you want to know the rate of hair growth, then for the sake of your curiosity it is about ½ (half) inch per month (kindly don’t start measuring it now and then). So all you need to follow the following things to get it done in a time-bound manner.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard

Follow Following regime:-

  • Having a balanced diet, as you need proteins for better muscles growth in the same way it is much needed to assist your hair’s growth. Take that food which is replete with vitamins A, B, C, E and minerals (iron, zinc, magnesium). These essentials vitamins and minerals can e extracted by taking vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, legumes etc.), fruits (apricots, apples, pineapples, bananas etc.).
  • Working out daily to streamline the blood flow and raise the testosterone levels. It is very much necessary for the cell reproduction and getting of nutrients required daily.
  • Taking proper sleep (7 to 8 hours) can give you promising results, also it keeps stress at bay which can increase the rate of growth of hairs (according to the research). It will maintain your circadian cycle as during sleep due to lower in the body temperature, blood circulation increases. Also, ejection of the pituitary gland (growth hormones) soars during sleep which aids the hair’s health.
  • Following regular grooming methods, you can learn these methods from online lesions or consult your trusted barber that may help you out to foster your target.
  • Have patience as it will not happen in a day or two, as it is a natural process, so definitely it will take its pound of flesh. If you are finding it a strenuous task then search on internet- person with a long beard, hope so many images will fascinate you to follow the regimes and discard the thinking about its time taking process.
  • One’s a day, you need to pour beard oil as it will act as manure. Also, you can explore various cosmetics product like beard growth shampoo, beard growth serum etc.

Understanding the anatomy of hair growth:-

  • Basically, hair growth is divided into three stages.
  • The first one is the anagen phase which is the inception of hair growth, in this hair grows rapidly; also the cell reproduction is at its best in this stage.
  • The second stage is the catagen phase which is comatose, as the growth stops. In this hairs begins to fall and this is the time which requires maximum maintenance and trimming.
  •  The third stage is the telogen stage, which is the beginning of new hair growth. As the new one begins to replace the old one. This stage is time taking and the best stage to see your hair growth at its best.

So after going through regime and anatomy, you have become aware of the timeline of growth, so if you are aiming for the long beard, then you have to surpass the anagen stage (the first one), it takes about two months to six years to surpass it. And when your beard hairs begin to fall, it means the arrival of the second stage (catagen), now you have to trim it properly so that your beard may reach the third stage of renewal (that is telogen stage). Hope so this article has presented you a fair picture of the topic-how long does it take to grow a beard. Utilize its ways and become wise in hair growth field. Well, you need another November to reach the best stage of beard, so have patience, follow regimes strictly and happy grooming and growing beard.