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How Much Is a Towing Service?

If you need a towing service Santa Clara and you need it after hours, you might be wondering how much it will cost. After hours towing service typically runs from 8 or 9 p.m. until 6 or 8 a.m., and varies in price from company to company. Some charge only $5 for after-hours service, while others may charge a flat $150 fee for the privilege. This article explains the basic towing charges and other fees associated with this type of service.

Basic towing charges

Basic towing charges

Towing services include more than simply transporting a vehicle. Depending on the size of the vehicle, location, and towing company, towing fees can vary widely. While an average towing bill of $109 is not unusual, it may vary by company or by the size of the vehicle being towed. However, base towing charges are typically around $50, no matter how far the vehicle must be towed.

The process of towing a vehicle involves the towing company gaining physical possession of the vehicle. The most common destination is a repair shop or the owner’s residence. Towing services must accept credit card payments, and you should be able to negotiate prices with them. Be sure to ask for an itemized bill before agreeing to pay. It is also essential to check if the towing service accepts two major credit cards.

Mileage fees

A basic towing service charge usually covers the first five to ten miles. You’ll then pay a per-mile rate for additional miles. While you may think you’re saving money with the basic towing fee, mileage fees for a towing service can easily add up to more than $500. In this article, we’ll take a look at how mileage fees can make a big difference.

Most towing services charge a minimum of $50 and will then charge a per-mile rate from five to 10 miles. Mileage fees may be higher for trucks or large SUVs, and you’ll need to ask for a quote based on your vehicle’s size and weight. In general, the first five to seven miles are included in the base towing fee. However, some companies charge extra for more than that.

Flatbed towing

If you’re in need of car transport or a roadside assistance, the first question you may have is how much is flatbed towing? This service ensures that your car stays on top of the truck. While hook and chain tow trucks can damage bumpers and other parts of the vehicle, flatbed towing eliminates the risks of these problems. This service also guarantees a smooth ride, preventing tire wear and possible damage to engine parts or transmission.

Depending on the type of vehicle or condition, flatbed towing is the best option for transportation. These trucks have hydraulically inclined beds that can be lowered to ground level and pulled using a winch. Flatbed tow trucks are most commonly used for towing four-wheel-drive vehicles and other heavy machinery. However, they are not suitable for every towing job. You can expect a flatbed towing quote to be at least $85, depending on the condition of your vehicle.

Storage fees

A towing service may charge a storage fee for the days a vehicle is parked on its lot. California has a law that allows it to collect storage fees and towing charges. Storage fees can be charged during the day or overnight, but you cannot charge a vehicle owner for two calendar days within a twelve-hour period. This law does not apply to daily storage fees, however. This type of fee is usually considered a service fee and is regulated by the City of Los Angeles Police Commission.


Storage fees for a towing service vary significantly depending on the city in which they operate. Some cities, such as Marlborough, limit the amount they charge per day to $25, while others cap the fee at $75. These limitations help protect consumers against paying excessive towing fees. While these fees vary greatly by city, the average is $50 per day. When choosing a towing service, consider the cost of storage, which can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars.