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How to Change a Tire on a Car

Nowadays, most of the people have at least one personal vehicle to use every day. This is the reason that most people have started doing the maintenance work of their car themselves. One such task is changing the tires of your vehicle when there is no professional to assist you. No one knows when and where the tire of your car will break, so you need to know how to change the tire of a car. Changing the tires of a vehicle is not as easy as you understand because you have to be very careful in it.

Whenever you find Bridgestone tyres of your vehicle deteriorated, you have to keep some special things in mind to replace them. Whether it is about having some necessary tools or knowing some tire replacement methods, you have to be very careful.  If you are also confused about changing a tire on a car, you can deep down into the following paragraphs right now without asking anyone else:

Collect Tools and Materials

Collect Tools and Materials

When it comes to changing the tire of a car, you should collect some essential tools and materials. The lug wrench is the most important tool you will need fastening and removing the bolts. On the other hand, you need to collect spare for the replacement of the tire. In addition, a Jack is also needed to uplift the car for removing the damage tire. Despite these mentioned tools and materials, you need to have a lock tight, breaker bar, and jack stand.

Locate the Nuts On Tires

Once you collect the tools and materials now, you have to locate the nuts on the tires.

Put the Jack Under Tires

This will be the step where you have to put the Jack under the tires for uplifting the car for changing the tire.

Lift Your Car Carefully

Once you put the Jack under the tires now, this will be the time where you have to lift your car promptly. Make sure you will try to lift a car up carefully as a smaller mistake can become worst to commit in this situation.

Take Away Nuts on Tires

Now, you can see the nuts on the tires very clearly. So, you should not wait to take away the nuts on the tires. By using any appropriate tool you have, you will be able to remove the nuts on the tires within some minutes.

Remove Damaged Tires

Furthermore, you can try to remove the damage tires by eliminating the nuts. Make sure you will pull the damaged tire carefully while removing it.

Fit-In the New Tires

In the next step, you will have to fit in the new tire in the place of the damaged tire.

Complete the Replacement Process

Complete the Replacement Process

Now, you can start tightening the nuts one by one to complete the tire replacement procedure.

With the help of these mentioned above suggestions and steps, you will be able to change a tire on a car within a very short amount of time.