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How you can Make a Post on Instagram?

Do you want to know about how you can make a post on Instagram? When you want to know how to upload the pictures and videos on Instagram, definitely you are following all these steps. There is a need to make downloading of current version of Instagram which you can use easily on desktop and mobile. You should download the Windows 10 version of Instagram and easily start on your laptop and computer.

Open Instagram

First of all, you have to open Instagram. After opening the Instagram homepage, you have to log in. For loved in, there is need to fill up the email address, phone number or you have to fill up the password for security reasons.

How you can Make a Post on Instagram

Tap on the middle + icon

When the homepage of Instagram is opened, you have to tap on the middle icon. On the bottom left corner of the screen first, you can see the icon from where you can upload it.

Select the picture

It is time to select the picture which you want to upload. Even, you have to select the upload option like you want to upload the picture, video. From your library and Gallery, you can select the saved videos and photos as well.

Choose multiple modes

When you are selecting the picture on Instagram, you have to choose the mode. You can choose multiple modes in which you can post more than one picture. As per your choice, you can choose the best picture uploading mode. It will help you to upload the best and beautiful pictures. Now, you can add on the beautiful collaboration to your social media profile.

See new filters

When do you want to know how to post on Instagram? Now, you can follow this website to post the pictures on Instagram easily. After choosing the mode, you can watch out with the collaboration of great filters. You can edit your pictures as well without using any paid version. So, you can watch all the filters and you have to swipe right and left to find the newest pictures.

Add location and tags

Add location and tags

On your pictures, you can add on location and tag your home friends who are in that picture. There are a number of other options you have on Instagram. You can use the best filters of time, but the session and number of other featuring. With all these things, you can mention the name or location. Even, you can use the popular hashtags to get more likes on your pictures.

Complete the posting process

In the end, you have to click on the posting. Now, you will be able to post your picture as well. You would love to post the beautiful collection of your pictures. But, it is highly advisable to know how to post on Instagram. When you consider all these things, definitely you can post all the pictures. So, you can choose the best collection ever. You will be able to take your buddy is and some other home people whom you are mentioning in your picture.