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Narc that Car Business Opportunity Review

Is Narc that Car a Scam?

A family friend invited me to take a look at a Web site and listen in on a conference call for a business opportunity that I had never heard of called Narc That Car. I agreed to review the Web site and listen to the call with an open mind. This is my review based on the information as it was presented to me.

NARC Technologies is a company that was started two years ago in Dallas, Texas. The objective of the company is to provide a national database of information which can be accessed for a fee by lien holders. The information is gathered by Independent Representatives or Information Consultants. These consultants collect ten license plate numbers per month and simply enter them into the NARC Technologies database.

Additionally, the Information Consultants earn bonuses by sharing the opportunity with others interested in supplementing their income. Along with recruiting new Independent Representatives, Consultants also make money by enrolling new clients (lien holders) into the program.

Based on the compensation numbers, this is not a get rich quick scheme. The compensation is modest but with volume the potential for accumulating wealth gradually appears to be great. The compensation plan has a “Start Up Bonus” with clear cut steps for getting an immediate return on the investment for becoming a Consultant. The cost to become a consultant is extremely low compared to other business opportunities. The cost is a mere $100. The “Start Up Bonus” compensation pays up to $125.

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The Pros of Narc That Car:

1. Affordable Sign Up Cost.

2. Does not require high pressure selling.

3. There is no purchasing or stocking products.

4. There are no home parties or weekly meetings.

5. They are no unrealistic promises of riches or exaggerated compensation plans.

The Cons of Narc That Car:

The Cons of Narc That Car

1. The company has only been around for 2 years so there is no track record of long term success.

2. Because the company is still so new there isn’t an enormous amount of information about it around.

3. The simplicity of the opportunity raises skepticism.

4. Most people have never heard of it.

5. Low cost programs are often over looked or devalued.
Of the many business opportunities out there this one has the least amount of hype and get rich jargon. While there is no tangible product to speak of the company does provide a service to niche market. I could not find any complaints filed against the company. Nor could I find any disgruntled former Consultants. Perhaps, its still too new to tell. Which could mean this is a ground floor opportunity for anyone willing to risk $100.