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NooLVL Boosts Focus, Concentration and Memory in eSports

The fast-paced world of eSport gaming demands quick reactions, focus and memory. Nutrition 21’s clinically substantiated ingredient nooLVL helps gamers perform at their peak by increasing focus, accuracy and energy without stimulants.

The patented complex of Bonded Arginine Silicate and an optimised dose of inositol was shown to improve cognitive performance in gamers in a double-blind, placebo controlled trial. This included improved Stroop Test and TMT B-A time, decreased anger and increased perceived vigor.

Increased focus and concentration

Gaming requires quick reactions, focus, and memory skills that are crucial to succeeding in fast-paced competitions. This is why esports players turn to supplements that can help them feel their best, and nooLVL is one of those ingredients.

This patented non-stimulant nootropic was clinically studied in a population of gamers and found to work within 15 minutes to increase energy++, focus+, and accuracy.[1] It consists of bonded arginine silicate (similar to Nitrosigine but with enhanced bioavailability through bonding with silicon) and an optimized dose of inositol (a natural sugar present at high levels in the brain).

Unlike many other nootropic ingredients that may cause negative side effects, nooLVL is safe and non-stimulating, ensuring that it will not interfere with your gaming or other activities. It is also gluten-free and vegan, so it can be used by anyone looking to get the most out of their performance. This ingredient can be found in the formula of Ghost Gamer’s UNLOAD, a non-stimulant pre-workout that is engineered for optimal results and contains precise dosages based on research and science.

Increased mental acuity

Several clinical studies have shown that Prohydrolase improves focus, concentration, and mental acuity. It can also boost working memory. This is especially important for gamers, who have to make a lot of quick decisions.

A new ingredient that is gaining popularity among gamers and supplement companies is nooLVL. This is a patented blend of arginine silicate and inositol that has been clinically studied to increase cognitive performance. It can also help boost energy levels.

NooLVL is a great option for those who want to take their gaming to the next level without taking stimulants. It can also help reduce fatigue, which is an issue that many gamers experience.

We are seeing nooLVL in products from a few different manufacturers, including Force Element. This brand is using nooLVL in their new stimulant-free pre workout called Flight Through. One scoop of Flight Through contains 1.6g of nooLVL. This is half the clinical dose. We will be reviewing this product in the near future.

Increased reaction time

In a clinical study nooLVL was shown to enhance reaction time in gamers in as little as 15 minutes following intake. The patented ingredient is non-stimulating and improves cognitive flexibility without the negative side effects associated with stimulants.

The patented complex of bonded arginine silicate and silicon with an additional optimized dose of inositol was developed by Nutrition 21 to target the esports/gaming market. The company claims this clinically substantiated ingredient boosts visual attention, motor accuracy and executive function in gaming players.

Ghost Nutrition recently launched their new Ghost Gamer product targeted at esports that includes the nooLVL ingredient. The claim is that the product helps increase focus and energy but the actual formulation only contains 800mg of nooLVL, less than half what was studied as a clinical dose. Also, the product contains Cognizin for focus and 75mg of caffeine for energy. It doesn’t really make sense that this would be the best way to use nooLVL for a esports product.

Increased energy

Whether you’re an esports player or a casual gamer, mental focus and energy are key to playing your best. nooLVL is a non-stimulant ingredient that improves cognitive function and increases focus and accuracy without causing jitters or caffeine crash. The patented ingredient is found in a variety of supplements including Focus by ADVANCED, a new performance supplement that includes nooLVL and other clinically-proven ingredients.

The research behind nooLVL is based on Nutrition21’s patented complex of bonded arginine silicate and inositol, which they call NitrosigineTM. PricePlow has covered this patented brain food ingredient before, but nooLVL is a version tailored for the gaming industry that uses silicon to enhance the bioavailability of arginine and increase its production of nitric oxide.


In the study, gamers were given a placebo or nooLVL before and after 60 minutes of intense video game play, with cognitive tests taken at baseline, on day one after first dosing (nooLVL) and again at day seven. The nooLVL group performed significantly better on tests measuring attention and concentration, visual representation, and forethought, compared to the placebo group.