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How Did The Ryder Cup Become A Tradition?

What is The Golf Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup is a annual golf match between teams from America and the Europe. The competition takes place in different countries each time it’s played and the most recent Ryder Cup took place in France, which was won by Team USA. Teams are picked by their respective captains with 12 players on each team. Te watch Ryder Cup Live Stream visit our website.

Why is it called The Ryder Cup?

Why is it called The Ryder Cup

It’s called the Ryder Cup because one of the tournament sponsors was a man called Samuel Ryder, who was an English golf enthusiast. In his honour the competitors are invited to play a match which Mr Ryder donated money for.

When did The Golf Ryder Cup start?

The competition has taken place since 1927 and took its current name at an event in 1969 when American Tom Watson led a team against Scotland. The USA have won on all but two occasions (1969 and 1985).

How do you qualify to get into The Golf Ryder Cup team?

At present players that are selected for the European team represent country combines. They don’t have to gain entry into a qualifying tournament; they are picked by Europe’s captain but will qualify if they win a tournament on The European Tour. However, this may change in future years with plans announced for players to get an automatic qualification place based on their position in the world rankings.

Which countries compete against each other at The Ryder Cup

The USA versus Europe is the original format, and it has never changed. Each side picks 12 members of its team from any country in the European or United States portion of the world ranking system (with only four players from one country). In 2010, Europe expanded to include Italy and Spain alongside the existing 4 countries and the next edition will be an ‘Europe and The Rest of the World’ team which comprises players from outside Europe.

How Ryder Cup Golf Tournament become a tradition

In order to find out how the Ryder Cup golf tournament became a tradition, we would need to know when the first one took place. The first Ryder Cup took place in 1927 and was won by Great Britain who beat America at Worcester Country Club in Massachusetts, USA. In 1929 there were 24 teams representing 12 countries playing. The Ryder Cup between themselves and then the event returned to Europe where it has remained since 1931. It was originally intended for a match to be played after every two years but before long this was altered so that another competition could take place much sooner than that.

Final Words:

The Ryder Cup is one of the longest-running and most prestigious events in golf. It’s been a tradition since 1927, when it began as an alternate event to the US Open. Today, this two-week tournament pits 12 players from Europe against American counterparts for bragging rights on both sides of the pond.