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How to Sell Your Car at Auction: The Ultimate Guide

You’re probably wondering how to sell your car at auction. You’ve been putting it off for months and so on! Well, we are here to help! This guide will walk you through how to sell your car at auction so that you can get rid of it once and for all.

Step By Step Guide to Sell Your Car at Auction:

Step By Step Guide to Sell Your Car at Auction

Estimate the Value of Your Car

The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out how much your car is worth, which will depend on how many miles it has on the odometer, how old it is, and how well maintained it is.

You’ll also want to consider how much the car costs in fuel per year, how much time you spend maintaining it and how often you use public transportation.

After taking all these factors into consideration, decide how much your car is worth and come up with a fair asking price. Remember, we’re trying to sell this car at auction so keep it affordable.

Finding a car dealership

The next thing you’ll need to do is find a suitable car dealership that will allow you to sell your vehicle at their auctions. If the dealer doesn’t offer this service, ask how they would go about selling your car privately and how much commission they take in comparison with an auction house.  You can also ask how much the car dealership guarantees to pay you if your car sells at auction.

Auction At Online

When you sell your car at auction, the process is quick and easy. You can start by filling out a simple online application form that will be reviewed within 24 hours of submission.

From there, an Auction representative will review all necessary documents for final approval before sending it to our Client Services Department who will assist in setting up the vehicle pick-up time and location as well as arranging payment.

Know the laws of your state

You signed to the contract, so you know these are your obligations.

Make sure to read it carefully and make sure that nothing in there is out of line for what you’re willing to do or not do. If anything feels like an issue after reading over it a few times, ask someone with expertise on employment law about any questions you might have before signing!

Your signature also means that we can enter into arbitration if needed instead of going through court proceedings. This would save both time and money.

Consider hiring a professional

Consider hiring a professional

Consider hiring a professional appraiser who can provide unbiased pricing information about your car before setting up an appointment for an appraisal test drive

Where they will inspect the condition of your automobile inside and out, then give you their opinion as to how much it would cost someone else in the marketplace based on its condition today.

Arrive at the appropriate time

Arrive early on the day of the auction and be prepared to answer any questions from potential buyers about why you are selling this vehicle so cheaply or if there is something wrong with it that they should know about before bidding.


It is important to remember that, in the end, it’s still just a car. So don’t let all of this information get you too wrapped up and overwhelmed with what could happen if your auction doesn’t go well.

Stick to these simple tips and enjoy the process! We hope this article helps you sell your car at auction with ease and confidence.