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How to Choose a Nail Gun?

A nail gun is undoubtedly a good handy item to push the metal nails in the hard surfaces of plastic, fiber, wood, and other such materials. But when you are choosing a nail gun, you need a careful selection. If you select a gun for Hardie siding, then the best performance must choose the Best Nail Gun for Hardie Siding.

But how can you pick the best one? No worry, read the below content and know what is important to consider while looking for the best nail gun for Hardie siding.

What to consider while choosing a nail gun?

What to consider while choosing a nail gun

Before choosing a nail gun, you should consider the below things to ensure a good quality nail gun.

Consider Power source

When going to purchase a nail gun, keep in mind what your preference is regarding power sources. You may find different types of nail guns depending on the power source.

There are three major types of guns, pneumatic that run on the air compressor; the second one is a Cordless gun that runs with a battery power source, and the last one is an electric nail that needs an electric connection to a power source.

Depending on your convenient and available power source, choose the right nail gun for better performance.

Style of Gun Magazine

There are two major types of magazines available for nail guns. You will find straight and coil magazines.

Coil magazines are available with ample space, and you can load more staples at a time that makes it easier and suitable for professional projects. But the straight magazines are lightweight and are easier to load, and ideal for DIY projects.

Depth control feature

If you need to look for the best nail gun for your professional projects and harder surfaces, then try to get the particular nail gun model that offers extensive force when pushing the staple and makes it possible to insert the staple in depth.  

If you do not get such a nail gun, you will need a separate tool that is also an additional cost to push the nails in depth.

Best Nail Gun For Hardie Siding

Types of triggers

Triggers are pressed to push the metal nails on the surface; in some guns, you need to press two triggers, and in some others, only one trigger needs to press. There are two major types of triggers.

The first one is a contact trigger that makes it simple to insert the nail because when it touches wood, it will fire. Such guns are risky, and you need much care.

Second is sequential nail guns that are safer; you need to depress the tip against the surface to push the metal nail in the wood or other surface. Sequential is safe and perfect to work than the contact trigger nail guns.

Easy Jamming clearing mechanism

No matter how good quality a brand you have, it frequently happens that nails are jammed in the chamber. So, find an easy jammed nail removal nail gun.

Final Thoughts

Nail guns are useful handy tools that help us to insert metal nails into harder surfaces. But no matter whatever project you are doing, you need a good quality nail gun to make your job perfectly.