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NBA Finals 2021 Live Stream: How to Watch Without Cable

In this modern age, we all want to get rid of cables. Though in the past you had to get a cable connection for watching television channels, that’s not required now. The NBA Finals 2021 live stream is also available without cable.

In this article, we’ll discuss the official broadcaster of the NBA in the US. Then find a way to enjoy the exciting basketball league without cables.

Which Channels Will Cover NBA Finals 2021 Live Stream

Which Channels Will Cover NBA Finals 2021 Live Stream

First, it’s important to know what channels will telecast the NBA Finals 2021 live stream. The goal is to watch those channels online. That’s because you won’t find the live coverage anywhere else. The following channels will cover the upcoming NBA Finals:

  • ESPN
  • ABC
  • TNT

Both ESPN and ESPN2 will cover the play-off rounds of NBA 2021. It’s a sports-centric satellite channel with running operations all over the world. Besides the US, ESPN will telecast the NBA finals in a few other countries too.

The NBA Finals 2021 will exclusively be streamed on ABC. The finals will start on the 8th of July and continue no more than till the 22nd of July. TNT is also a great channel to watch the exciting league.

Keep one thing in mind, if you want to enjoy both the play-off and finals, you need to subscribe to all the channels. That’s because only one channel won’t cover all the games.

How to Watch the NBA Finals Without Cable

How to Watch the NBA Finals Without Cable

Now the obvious question is how you can watch these television channels without the cable. Sooner or later, everyone will drop cables. Therefore, a lot of ways to watch the channels are already available in the market.

The best way to watch the NBA Finals 2021 live stream is through online streaming services. Many streaming platforms are offering a great deal to their customers. You can select any of the subscriptions that suit your needs.

Hulu TV, Sling TV, FuboTV, are some of the most popular online TV streaming services. To get access to these services, you need to purchase a subscription plan. Besides the three channels above, you’ll have access to more channels based on your package.

One of the best advantages of online streaming is that you can watch the game from anywhere you want. Whether you’re in the workplace, or on vacation, you don’t have to miss the action of the NBA Finals.

Things to Consider Before Subscribing to a Streaming Service for the NBA Finals

However, the subscription plans come quite expensive. Therefore rushing to purchase any subscription might not be a good idea. Therefore, we’ve got a few tips for you. Follow these to find the best streaming platform to watch the NBA Finals 2021.

  • The first thing you should check is if all three of the channels are available in the subscription plan. We told you, you can not rely on a single channel to watch the whole tournament.
  • After that, compare the subscription fees of these platforms. For the finals, you’ll need one month of subscription. If you also want to watch the play-off, then purchase two months of services.
  • Another important thing is to see if the streaming platform offers mobile apps. This will allow you to stream the NBA finals on your smartphone.
  • These platforms advertise themselves as superior to others. But not all of them keep the promises. Hence, try to get one that offers a free trial to check the service quality.

Considering these things should be enough to choose the best streaming platform.

Final Thoughts

In short, a total of three channels will cover the NBA Finals 2021 live stream. Subscribe to a streaming platform to watch these channels without cable. And then, no matter where you are, never miss the thrill of the NBA.