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What Is Trustpilot and How Does It Work

Trustpilot is a review site that allows customers to leave ratings and reviews of their experiences with businesses. This can include anything from the quality of the product or service to customer service interactions. Trustpilot takes this data and creates a trust score for each business, which is made public.

This score is based on how many positive reviews a business has compared to negative reviews. In this article, we explain in detail how the site works and how businesses can take advantage of this type of consumer sharing.

Trustpilot: How Does It Work

Trustpilot: How Does It Work

Trustpilot was launched in 2007 in Denmark. Since then, it has expanded into an international business that records reviews for businesses in many languages and across some countries. It also serves all industries, including travel, retail, tech services, food delivery, and more.

The site has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to search for businesses based on many different variables, such as location and industry. Once they find a business, the customer can then read through all of the positive and negative reviews about it. They can also rate whether or not they would recommend it to others, visit this link.

How Businesses Can Take Advantage of Trustpilot

The main benefit of Trustpilot for businesses is that it provides them with the ability to connect directly with their customers. This means that companies can not only read through all of their reviews, but they can also respond to any negative remarks if needed.

This platform also gives companies a chance to build up positive review history on Trustpilot since it puts more weight on businesses with multiple positive reviews than those with few or no reviews. This can be a powerful tool for companies that may not have a strong online presence, as Trustpilot is one of the first sites people will check to see what others think of a business before they purchase from it.

How the Trust Score Works

The Trust Score is an algorithm that Trustpilot uses to rank businesses based on how many positive reviews they have compared to the number of negative ones. This score also takes into account what type of reviews are submitted, such as consumer experiences or industry expertise.

Tips for Consumers before Leaving Reviews

Tips for Consumers before Leaving Reviews

Trustpilot has a few tips for consumers who are thinking about leaving reviews of businesses on their site. These include:

Be honest

While it can be tempting to leave a positive review of a business that was great, consumers should only submit truthful reviews that will help others make an informed decision about where they choose to spend money or time.

Be specific

Another important tip for consumers is to be as detailed as possible when writing reviews. This will help others know exactly what type of positive (or negative) experience the reviewer had with the business, which can help them make their own decisions about where they shop or use a service.


Thanks for reading! We hope that this article has helped you understand what Trustpilot is, how it works, and how businesses can take advantage of it. Keep in mind that when leaving reviews on the site, it’s important to be truthful and specific so that others can benefit from your experiences.